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Sakoriinguwahati provides information regarding various job vacancies and position in various Central and State Governments fields, Public Sector Undertakings, Educational Institutions and Banks across Assam, and North Eastern states and the Information about Various Competitive Examinations Starting from class VIII+....

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Nekib Bhuyan

Nekib Bhuyan is responsible for planning, design, editing and content selection of the site. He has done B.com degree with honours (Accounts). Now he is doing work as an accountant at Government undertaking pvt. ltd. company.

If anyone notices any error or fault then kindly inform us immediately. Feel free to contact us with any suggestion, criticism, job openings and the Information about Various Competitive Examinations or for any institutional promotions. We will reply very early as soon as possible. 

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Email :- farhan.nike111@gmail.com

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